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White Heart Hotel Launceston Birthday Party 24/01/2009

Well after the children's karaoke party we made our way to Launceston for Haley's Birthday Celebration at the White heart Hotel in Launceston. I knew this venue quite well as we had a run of 2 years there every Friday Night doing Karaoke and I must admit it was nice to be back. As we were working during that afternoon one of our Plymouth Crew came with us to help as we were working in the main ball room and the carry was quite a distance.

We arrived there about 6pm, Scott and Freddie unloaded the van and it was pouring down with rain so they had to be quick to avoid damage to any equipment whilst me and Andy set the show up. It took us about 75 minuets to set up but that was ok as the room was empty as the guests weren't arriving till 8pm.

Well guests started arriving on time and I must admit as this was booked as a 70's evening I did not expect everyone to dress up but they did and we had a great time doing a 70's theme night and everyone was up dancing and really enjoying themselves. It was mainly a Disco but we were asked to bring along the Karaoke just incase anyone wanted a go. They did do karaoke so it was a great success. We also have some video footage of this event so please take a look at our Video page as I Madhouse Martin did my Oops Upside Your Head by The Gap Band but I do it my way as a bit of a party game.

We finished at Midnight and packed away within 45 minuets again it was pouring with rain so the van had to be loaded quickly, We had a terrible journey home along the A30 as that night there was gale force winds of up to 80mph and Andy was fighting the steering wheel all the way home and the journey took us about 90 minuets instead of about 45

Well another great afternoon and evening for us all can't wait till we do it all over again :-).

Written ByMadhouse Martin