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The Tamar Plymouth Back To School Days Saturday 29/08/2009

This event we were all looking forward to it was the August Bank Holiday Special and the theme for this night was a back to school night. Most people were dressed up for the evening including myself but I forgot to empty the camera so there are no pictures or video of this event, which I am really gutted about as this was such a brilliant evening.

We set of from our office in Bodmin at 6pm and we eventually arrived at the venue at 7pm. Again there was Scott with me but tonight was a special night as John who had moved away was coming back to join the crew on this evening and we were all looking forward to this which was great as it only took us half an hour to set up. Scott and John set up the show for me and the show we put into The Tamar was one of our medium shows as you can see from the pictures above.

We started the show off at 8pm and played background music for about half an hour until I started at 8.30. We used to do this venue once a month but now we only work there over the Bank Holiday Weekends due to the latest credit crunch. This night though was a busy night which was great and most people were dressed up in school uniforms and really getting into the swing of things. We played old school music from the 70's and 80's all night long and we had great fun with a brilliant atmosphere.

We finished at Midnight and as the people were leaving we had lots of thanks and hugs from the crowd which was great as it showed us what a brilliant night it had been and I must admit I think we could have gone on for hours. We got packed up and ready to go within half an hour then made our way home, we eventually arrived home about 1.30am. We are back at The Tamar on Halloween and we are all looking forward to another great night.

Written ByMadhouse Martin