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The First and Last Inn nr. Lands End Red Nose Charity Day 13/03/2009

This event was a first for R.J.Rhythm as we have never in our 12 years in Cornwall worked all the way down West before and we were all looking forward to working in this venue and area for the first time.

We set off from St. Austell at 5.30pm there was Freddie, Annette and my cousin Stella who has recently moved down here as she is now head of one of the departments at St. Austell College. It seemed we were never going to get there as we traveled over 50 miles and took us about 90 minuets to reach our destination

Well it took us about an hour to set up and the guest were already piling in for this charity event and most of them as you can see from the pictures were in fancy dress. The theme was a back to school night and so was the music and karaoke. We charged people a donation to sing as we were collecting money for Red Nose Day and also 2 lads had been sponsored to have there heads shaved as you can also see in the pictures on this page. The evening was a great success and there was so much interest in the karaoke we did not manage to get everyone on as we ran out of time which was a great shame as I would have carried on all night as long as the money was flowing in for this charity event. We also have some video footage of this event so please take a look at our Video page of the singers that made this event a night to remember.

We finished around 11.30pm and packed away within 45 minuets as we had a long journey home and we were all quite tired as from beginning to end it was all go on this night and as per usual everyone had a great night and we have been asked if we would go there again as we are so far from this venue and obviously we will as R.J.Rhythm as we say covers the whole of Cornwall and Devon

Written ByMadhouse Martin