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R.J.Rhythm Entertainments The Philippines Tour March 2010

Madhouse Martin at The Celthec Lounge in Ozamis City Philippines 12th March 2010

Well here we go the second time for R. J. Rhythm Entertainments to be working internationally in
"THE PHILLIPINES" Combined with a magnificent holiday and a Wedding I was also asked to D. J. and compare at one of Ozamis Cities premier night spots The Celthec Lounge.

Before we got to the Celthec Lounge we decided to make a night of it as it was coming closer to the end of our holiday so Myself, Annette, Euguene and George decided to cruise around the night spots of Ozamis City. There are only 3 what they call Disco Pubs ( Night Clubs in the U. K.) and we visited them all and obviously the last one was The Celthec Lounge.

We set of from our hotel in Ozamis and hit the town round about 9pm. We visited 2 of the Disco Pubs and then got to the Celthec Lounge at about midnight. The Celthic Lounge is a lovely place which I would say holds about 150 people and I must have had about 80 people to entertain on this evening. The Club was a lot different from the club in the U. K. but I must admit some of the remixed of our U. K. chart singles are out of this world in fact I would say that they have better re mixes over in The Philippines than we do over here. They also work differently as I done some D. J. mixing and then I had a D. J. Work alongside me whilst I had to compare out on the dance floor and mingle with the crowd.

I had a great night on this evening and it has certainly been an experience for me working over in The Philippines and I can't wait to do it again as I have been told to get in touch next time I am visiting. Well I eventually finished around about 3.30am and the whole evening was a great success and It has been an experience of a lifetime for me the past 15 days which will no doubt stay in my mind for years to come. we have video footage of this night which can be seen by clicking here. on our video page

Anyway back to the U. K. on Sunday and another 2 day journey for us then back to reality. My next gig is on Friday 19th March at The Garland Ox in Bodmin So keep an eye on my Journals for my diary of events on all my gigs.


Written By Madhouse Martin