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R.J.Rhythm Entertainments The Philippines Tour March 2010

Maylougen and John's Wedding Naomi's Botanical Garden & Tourist Inn Ozamis City in The Philippines 7th March 2010

........Maylougen and John.......J.R, Maylougen, John & Ella ...Maylougen, John & Annette

Well here we go a very very first for R.J. Rhythm Entertainments to be working internationally and what a beautiful country to be the first international place "THE PHILLIPINES" Combined with a magnificent holiday I am also the D. J. for my friends wedding which is going to be held on Sunday 7th March at Naomi's Botanical Garden & Tourist Inn Ozamis City in the Philippines for Maylougen and John's Wedding Reception.

After a lovely week in this magnificent country it was time for Maylougen and John's wedding. The day was Sunday 7th March and the wedding was taking place as you may have already read at The Naomi's Botanical Garden & Tourist Inn. John stayed over with us on the Saturday night and we had a little drink and a night by the swimming pool.

Well Sunday came and the Wedding was not until 3.30pm in the afternoon, so we decided to relax and go back into the swimming pool for the morning which was great. Who would ever think of swimming in a beautiful open pool before a wedding. Well I decided to get ready but John Couldn't as all his wedding clothes had been taken to the Botanical Gardens as it is tradition to lay them all out and photograph them so he actually arrived at the Gardens in his shorts and Tee shirt. We were picked up by Euguene at about 3pm and taken to the Botanical Gardens where John then got dressed for his big day. Well the time had come and we went down to where the ceremony was going to take place which was out in the open of these beautiful gardens. As John and myself got into position a Wedding coordinator was calling people to be seated by name. This was different to our Weddings because as the couples were being called the walked down together then separated at the end as the seating was one side for the ladies and the other for the men.

Maylougen and Annette

Well when everyone was called and seated the came the beautiful bride and Maylougen looked out of this world as she walked down the alter. The wedding Ceremony lasted about 45 minutes and was the most romantic scene I have ever seen with live music from a small group of Wedding Singers as the photo sessions were taking place after the service. The photos took about an hour then everyone made there way to the big open function room where we were all seated and began our meal. Right after the meal the Wedding Coordinator then announced that the bride and groom were going to dance and this is another tradition of the Philippines as to what happens here. Basically the Bride and Groom have a dance together, then they are separated and people come up to them and pin money on them to dance with them. I was amazed at this as at the end of all this John and Mayougen's clothes were covered in notes. Well after this the wedding coordinator made a few speeches and arrangements then that was the end of the Wedding Day Celebration.

.. Maylougen and Annette ..John, Maylougen, Annette & Martin...Celebration Back at Hotel

Well as you can gatherer we being English did not end it there, We had arranged a party and a Disco back at our hotel for the close family and friends. This started about 8.30 with a huge feast as you can see from the pictures and then myself Madhouse Martin with Laptop started the Disco. I do not have any pictures of this event for this journal as my stills camera was full up from the day but I do have video of this evening which I am not going to upload in respect to the people in the philippines as it is for my personal memories of the Day.

We had one hell of a great night on this evening and we eventually finished about 4.30 am in the morning. Well I eventually got into bed about 5am after packing things away and I was absolutely shattered and did not rise until about 12.30pm the next day. I have had a great experience here in The Philippines and we have 6 days to go now so I am going to finish this Journal and enjoy the rest of my holiday.

We had a night out on the town of Ozamis on Friday 12th March and yes you guessed it I was asked to D. J. and Compare at one of the premier night spots in Ozamis The Celthec Lounge In Ozamis City. With this request I was honored and you can read all about this evening by clicking here also we have video footage of this night which can be seen by clicking here.


Written By Madhouse Martin