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R.J.Rhythm Entertainments The Philippines Tour March 2010

Journey To The Philippines

Heathrow Terminal 4................Kuala Lumpur Airport .........Kuala Lumpur Boarding

Well here we go a very very first for R.J. Rhythm Entertainments to be working internationally and what a beautiful country to be the first international place "THE PHILLIPINES" Combined with a magnificent holiday I am also the D.J. for my friends wedding which is going to be held on Sunday 7th March at Naomi's Botanical Garden & Tourist Inn Ozamis City in the Philippines for Maylougen and John's Wedding Reception.

I am not going to be writing a lot about my holiday obviously but will be writing this Journal about the traveling and of course the Wedding day as there is so much to do in the 2 weeks I have in this country.

The journey to The Philippines was a very long journey which took us 2 days and 1 stop over in Manila. We set of from Bodmin at 11pm and caught a coach to Heathrow Central Bus station. This journey took 6.5 hours and it felt as it was never ending. We arrived at Heathrow at 5.30am. I was quite impressed as we needed to get to Terminal 4 and everywhere was posted in fact I think it is impossible to actually get lost. We made our way to Terminal 4 which included a 5 minute trip on the underground then we found where we had to check in before we settled down for 5 hours. These 5 hours seemed like a lifetime as obviously I was really excited to be flying out of the country and the winter weather to somewhere hot. At 10.50 we boarded flight No MH03 London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur. This I think was the worst part of the journey as the flight took over 12 hours but the staff of Malaysian Airways made us feel very comfortable and there was refreshments and meals all through the flight.

Streets Of Manila

We eventually arrived in Kuala Lumber at 07.10am their time and remember we are now 8 hours in front of the U. K. Our next flight was to Manila and again another wait at this flight No MH704 was taking off at midday, but Kuala Lumpur Airport is like one big shopping mall as you can see from the pictures so there was plenty to do. At this stage we did not know how hot it was outside as it is all covered in with air conditioning which felt really cool and comfortable. Midday came and we boarded the plane heading for Manila, this flight was not to bad as it was only a 4 hour flight which is not so long when you think how long we had already been traveling. We arrived in Manila at 15:50 and as we got off the plain into the airport the heat really hit us it was 92 and very hot.

We were met by a tour guide that John had organized for us who took us to our hotel where we were going to spend the evening. We checked in and then decided to go and have a look round the shopping malls. What amazed me was there were guards on all entrances to the malls and on all the shops. You bags were tied up as you purchased items from various shops so you could not add items into the bags this obviously stops shoplifting and as you went in and out of the malls you were scanned by the guards and bags checked and I must admit you never felt so safe in your life even cars were searched and checked underneath before they were allowed to park.

.......Manila Airport...............Manila Shopping Mall.................Manila Shopping Mall

Well that was day 1 of our journey to the Philippines over and tired was not the word. Well day 2 was the last part of our journey and we checked out of the Hotel in Manila and made our way to Manila Internal Flights Terminal where we caught Flight No PR163 Manila to Ozamis City which was a great flight as the flight was only 1 hour and 15 minutes so we got to our destination in no time.

When we got to Ozamis we had a great reception with my friend John and the Family of Maylougen. From this meeting it was all go as we had a tour of the city and went to various places it was great. It is very very hot here and already I was loving it as this is not a package holiday but what I call a real holiday with real life experiences. The way of life here is so basic and simple it is untrue and everybody is so friendly from the well off people to the very poor. I know that this was and is going to be an experience of a Lifetime which I am going to enjoy every lasting minuet of my stay in the Philippines. So now I am finishing this Journal on my trip to the Philippines and my next one will be of the Wedding.

......Leaving Manila Airport... ......Children and Houses......My Philippine Friend Euguene

Thanks for reading and don't forget to click here for Journal of Maylougen and Johns Wedding.

Written By Madhouse Martin