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As you know we can now cover 2 shows per night either Disco Shows or Karaoke Shows With Full Lighting Effects. We also now have a Female D. J. or Karaoke Host as well as Lil John and the Famous MADHOUSE MARTIN. So from now check our Gig Guide and if you only see one show booked you can still call and book another show with us.

That's right another new show now making 3 shows altogether but this one is so user friendly that as long as we got a height of 8 foot or over we shall be using this new show on most if not all of a private gigs from now on as we have now come into the age of LED Lighting. Yes I personally would never have thought that LED's would ever be bright enough to use in a Disco Show, but I was proven wrong and totally blown away when I actually saw some. I was that amazed that I have now got a complete full Lighting Rig with just LED lights showing that apart from keeping up with modern lighting we are also doing our bit to help save our planet.

We are also one of the few Entertainment Companies who can literally guarantee you that nothing can go wrong on your package as we carry with us at all times spare equipment in fact our van carries 2 full shows wherever we go even if we have 2 shows booked on one night we have our 3rd show with us when we find we have 2 shows out hence if anything goes wrong with any of our equipment whilst playing at your venue we can quickly change equipment over and sometimes without anyone knowing this, but I can honestly say as all our equipment is maintained and tested we have never had to do this. This is why R.J.Rhythm Entertainments can guarantee you a perfect trouble free night and not many companies can offer this.

This show can be used for an attendance of 50 guests up to 150 or up to 250 with our extended 2.5K Digital sound system. The show itself takes us about an hour and half to set up on a ground floor venue or 2 hours if stairs are involved. Please note it also takes about 45 minutes to take down at the end of the evening or an hour if stairs are involved, so if everyone including your Disco has to be out of your venue by a certain time please make allowances for the time it takes to pack the show away. Saying this I have only ever came across this situation in a school hall where a caretaker has to lock up at the end of the evening as all other venues normally have to clean up the bar area and tidy up for opening the day after hence we have never had a problem or been on a time limit to pack away apart from the school hall I mentioned.

If we get to your venue and find we can not put this show up don't worry as the show you will have is just as good with the same Digital Sound System just different layout and different lighting, and you can view our alternative show by
clicking Here

As you can see below these are our first pictures of this show also please check out our video as this says it all.

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