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The Mavericks Show And Shine Bash 01/08/2009

This event was yes another first for R.J.Rhythm at The St. Dennis Football Club and again we were looking forward to doing this one like all our gigs we look forward to them all. This Gig came to us from a very good friend of mine who moved from Stratford Upon Avon down to Cornwall the same time as myself and he is a member of the Mavericks. The evening was booked as a Rock disco obviously as it was a bikers function and I must admit it make a change to play some real classic rock tracks during the evening.

We arrived at 6pm and found the Football Club straight away. As we had a large stage we pulled out all the stops and set up one of our medium to biggest shows but this time it was a little bit different as we were sharing the stage along with a band. I had Scott and Annette with me on this gig to help set up along with 2 Maverick members who carried all the equipment in for us which was a great help. We set up our lighting rig and sound system at the back of the stage allowing the band to set up in front of the show and I set up the decks on the floor just to the one side of the stage. It took us about an hour to set up and we were ready to go by 7.00pm.

We started the show off at 7.00 pm as requested, we played for about an hour and then the band came on for their fist session. The band were called I am Lizard who were a local young band and they were brilliant I must say. The youngest member of the band the drummer was only 14 years of age and they really got the crowd going. The band played for about an hour for the first session then I was back on playing some real good rock tracks for about 45 minuets then the band came back on for their final set. Well the band eventually finished about 11.00pm then it was all up to me till 1am in the morning. The party was quite a large crowd about 80 in all and it did not take very long for everyone to get going and we has another brilliant night with myself and the R.J.Rhythm crew.

We had to finish at 1.00am but we managed to stretch it out till about 10 past and it was time to finish completely, we got packed up and ready to go within the hour between the thanks and all the comments then made our way home, we eventually arrived home about 2.30am. I have been asked to do the Mavericks Christmas Party but as we are fully booked I have asked then to try and book a week date which I hope they can do as we had such a god night.

Written ByMadhouse Martin