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Lanhydrock Hotel Staff Christmas Party: 04/01/2009

This was the night we had all been waiting for as the staff at the Lanhydrock Hotel and myself don't get time to celebrate Christmas as we are all working really hard over the festive season, so obviously we have our Christmas Party in the New Year when we can relax a little before taking down all them decorations that we love to put up but hate to take down.

As I was staying at the Hotel this night we set up in the afternoon also it was the birth of our new medium show ( see pictures above ) and as we did not know how long it was going to take us we thought we would set up during the daytime then I could relax before the evening.

Well 6.30pm came and I went upstairs to play some background music as the staff arrived. Then about 7.15pm we had our meal and I must say at this point that the meal was fantastic as always and I would personally highly recommend if you want a meal in excellent surroundings this is the place to go. The staff are very friendly and welcoming also nothing is too much trouble for them.

After our meal it was time for me to start the show, we had a bit of karaoke throughout the evening as well as a disco where everyone had a great time. As I said earlier it was the birth of our new medium show and we have a little video footage of this show on our video page. We finished at midnight and the best thing about this night was the show was left till the next day as I was staying over in one of the luxury rooms which again I must say the rooms were luxury even to go as far and say they are 10 times better than most of the 5 star Hotels I have stayed in over the years. I would recommend you visit there web site and browse around to see what other facilities The Lanhydrock Hotel And Country Club has to offer.

Written By Madhouse Martin