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Lanhydrock Hotel Captain's Members Evening 22/08/2009

When we work at the Lanhydrock Hotel we like to set up during the afternoon so that we are ready to start after the party have had there meal and so we do not disturb the party during the evening. We find that our customers from the Lanhydrock Hotel appreciate this as there is no disruption during there evening. We finished our Children's Party at Bugle Village hall and the made our way to set up.

We arrived about 5pm to set up for this evening and it took us about an hour to set up. Setting up was myself and Scott who unloaded and brought the equipment up to me as this function was downstairs in the main bar for the Captain;s Members Evening.

We arrived back at 9pm and they were running a little over with their meals as there had been a lot of presentation before the meal. we eventually started to play straight to play around 9.30pm. This event was the third one for The Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club as It was a Members Day where they played golf for the day then had a sit down meal and a Disco afterwards. We had a brilliant night on this evening as we played the right sort of music all night long as it was a more mature crowd so we stuck to the 50's, 60's and 70's. We had various people come up to us requesting certain songs (which we had) and complimenting us on our music selection. We even went as far back as the old war time songs and even threw in a few ball room dancing tunes which went down really really well.

We eventually finished at 11.45 pm as were were only booked till 11pm, but as it was such a great evening and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves we decided to play on for a while. As people were leaving and we started to pack up a people were still giving compliments and saying thanks for everything we done in the show, more happy people from another great show!

Apart from this function we also had another function at Bugle Village Hall which was in the afternoon. Please Click Here to read about this event.

Written By Madhouse Martin