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Juliots Well Holiday Park, Camelford Wedding Reception 13/08/2012

Well I have to say it's been a long time since I was working back out on the road due to my illness and infections since February of this year and my stays in and out of Hospital and to come back to a function like this was well worth the wait as nothing ever goes as planned as they say and that is what we can say about this event. We were booked to work alongside a Duo act but the timetable went straight out of the window as it does lol, but the whole night was exciting and electrifying from beginning to end I really must say it was a pleasure to work at this venue and with the other act, and no doubt we shall be back there again real soon.

With me on this event was Little John and we were booked to start at 4pm till 6pm for our first session but that did not happen at all. We got to the venue as planned at 2.30pm to find that the wedding had not happened yet and they were getting married where we needed to set up. Obviously throughout the day the timetable went out of the window as my party were running 2 hours late but they were all enjoying it and was not that fussed about it which straight away told me it was going to be one hell of a night and probably what we would say in our trade the wedding of the year and I was right.
Well after waiting in the van for about an hour and half they eventually got married and moved off into the restaurant leaving the function room to be sorted for the evening. The staff at this venue were doing a terrific job of turning the room around for the evening whilst myself and Little john was setting up for the night in the one corner of the staging area leaving the other corner for the Duo to set up. It took us about an hour to set up and come 6pm we were ready to go. The other act had arrived as we had finished and needed to set up which was great as we were asked by the staff we would like something to eat, so we did that whilst the other act was setting up.
Once they had set up we had then finished our meal we both did a sound check and were ready to start when we were needed and I could hear that they had just finished the speeches from the restaurant so it was good timing as I knew it would not be long before everyone made their way back into the Function Room.

Well everyone was starting to make their way into the function room so we started the evening off with some background music, then the Duo took over for the first dances and called the Bride and Groom onto the dance floor for the first dance and afterwards sang another 2 slowish songs of the Bride and Grooms choice and called others up to join in dancing along side the newly married couple. After that he went straight into Party mode for about half an hour and then we took over for another hour, they then came back on for a final set leaving the remaining of the evening to us. All I can say is throughout the whole night we had most people up on the dance floor and they were the perfect party crowd all night long with a terrific atmosphere all night long as well. We had various people coming up and asking for requests which we obviously had and I have to say they were very much into the old party stuff like YMCA etc as well as up to date charts. The whole night was a total party night as they were asking for more and more of the old party tunes and the night went on.

We were suppose to finished at Midnight which was quite sad but I managed to go on a little longer then Little John and myself packed away the show and Little John loaded up the van for me once the show had been packed away which was a great help. It took us about an hour to pack away and get loaded up then we made our way back home after and long and successful brilliant evening.

Well not only a successful evening but we were also booked to go back to the venue in December for some Christmas Parties, so all in all another brilliant successful day with R. J. Rhythm Entertainments.

Written By Madhouse Martin