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Jessica And Tom's Birthday Party Lanescot Farm 08/08/2009

This event was yes another first for R.J.Rhythm to be playing in a barn in the middle of a field. The event was booked as a combined 19th and 21st birthday party at Lanescot Farm in Kihallon.

We decided to set this show up in the morning as we knew it was in a very large barn and we were using a generator for power, so we wanted to make sure everything was going to work fine on the evening. If was a good job I had a postcode and a Sat Nav because without it I don't think I would have ever found the venue. When we got there I was amazed at the size of the venue as I bet it could have held 300 people with no problem at all. With me helping to set up was Scott and Annette as we were booked for a complete full show along with our karaoke equipment. You can see more from this show by looking at our Video Page. It took us about an hour and half to set up this show and I was glad we set this up so early as we had a small problem with the earthling on the generator which obviously we managed to sort out.

We started the show off at 8.00 pm as requested The party was quite a small crowd about 50 in all and because the barn held about 300 obviously it looked like there were less. Because of this it took a while for everyone to get going. There were quite a few people putting in requests all throughout the night. Everyone was dancing when they finally got going and were totally enjoying themselves. The evening was a great success

We finished at 1am in the morning and we got packed up and ready to go within the hour as we had help from other people who carried the equipment to the van for us, we eventually arrived home about 2.30am.

Written ByMadhouse Martin