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The Garland Ox Karaoke Night in Bodmin 19/03/2010

After a long break in The Philippines it was back to realty and back to work and my first gig after my working holiday was a Friday Night Karaoke Evening at The Garland Ox in Bodmin. I was told by Alan that it may be a quiet night as the Wednesday of this week was St. Patrick's Night and they were very busy so I was expecting it to be very quiet but we were both wrong as we had a brilliant night through out the whole evening.

I arrived at the Garland about 7pm and with me on this occasion was Andy from St. Austell and Annette. It took us about 45 minutes to set up our show for the evening as Andy carried the equipment in for me and then helped me set up the show. The pub was quite empty as we were setting up but again my regulars from The Cat and Fiddle started to come into the venue and tonight there were more than my usual followers and the pub was filling up quite quickly. We started the Karaoke off about 8.30pm and the Karaoke got off to a great start and I must say that most of the night we were hit with Karaoke requests. To make this night even better we had quite a few new faces who had wondered in throughout the evening and they were also getting involved and singing a few songs and once again as you can see from the pictures they all had a great time through out the evening.

We finished around 11.30pm and started to pack everything away to get ready to load into the van. Andy helped to pack away and carried the equipment for me to the van whilst I loaded up. We eventually got back home about 1pm and again myself and my staff are really looking forward to another night at The Garland Ox in bodmin which will be on the 17th April which is a day after my Birthday so no doubt I shall be a bit tired after my celebrations.


Written By Madhouse Martin