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Fountain Hotel In Liskeard 21st Birthday: 16/01/2009

We set off from home about 6.00pm as we have never worked this venue before so we wanted to be early incase there were any problems with setting up etc. We got there about 6.45pm and found the venue straight away which was a bonus and thanks to a SatNav

When we were shown to the function we had a very pleasant surprise as this function room was equipped with disco lighting and a DJ console all ready for us to use, I was so amazed as I have to admit it was laid out as a small night club. Well we decided to set up our lighting only at the far end even though we did not need it but it gave the room a brilliant overall effect and all we had to do then was just attach our laptop to their music system and that was it.

Guests started arriving about 8.00pm so we played background music till they opened the buffet at 8.30pm. We gave then till 9.00pm then started the party rolling. Again the dance floor was full all night long and the atmosphere was great. We finished at midnight and as people were leaving and we started to pack up, people were giving us compliments and saying thanks for everything we done in the show, more happy people from another great show! I just wish that I took my camera with me on this one.

Written By Madhouse Martin