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Emileigh's 6th Birthday Party Bugle Village Hall 22/08/2009

These Children's Disco are becoming very successful and I must admit I really like doing these as I get totally involved with entertaining the kids as you can see in the middle picture. When you book R.J.Rhythm for your children's party you leave all the entertaining to myself and my crew, which gives the parents time to relax or prepare food for the party. It was a Disco for this event as Emileigh was only 6 which is a bit young for the Disco/Karaoke Children's package.

With me on this booking was Scott and Annette's daughter Carley this time. We arrived at the venue about 11.30am, Scott and Carley carried in the equipment and helped me to set. We were booked from midday till 3pm and this was booked as a Disco only as I have already explained in the first paragraph.

We started the party off at midday and as I said before I like to be right out there with the children, my head set radio mike on we were ready to party whilst the R.J.Rhythm staff played the music for me and obviously stopped the music for the games. I tell the parents before the event to organize small little prizes for those who join in and play the games but don't get to the winning stages and larger prizes for the winners. This make sure all kids get a prize when playing games you see. We organize the parties in 2 halves first half we played 3 games, these were musical bumps, musical chairs and musicale statues. Again with me on the dance floor joining in and judging the games we had a great time. After the first half we all had a break for their party meal and the blowing out of the candles on the birthday cake of course. After every one had eaten we started the next session with a giant pass the parcel the finished off with getting everyone to dance including some of the adults. We did not take any pictures or video of this event to go on to the internet for child protection issues.

Well we eventually finished at 3pm and It took us about 30 minutes to pack away and get everything into the van. I then took Carley to the Train Station as she needed to get home to Plymouth then me and Scott made our way to set up for the evening at the Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club. You can read more about the evening by clicking here.

Written ByMadhouse Martin