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Duke Of Cornwall Karaoke Party in Mount Charles 27/03/2010

This event was the second time for R.J.Rhythm Entertainments to be working at The Duke of Cornwall in Mount Charles and we were very much looking forward to this one since the last one was a brilliant evening. This event was a Karaoke public event and now our little John is back on the scene as well I knew we were going to have a good night.

With me on this booking was Andy from St. Austell and Annette. We arrived at the venue about 7.00pm for an 8.30pm start and I was quite pleased we did as the pub has had new furniture since we were last there and we had to set up differently from last time, hence we had plenty of time to work out how the show was going be set up on this occasion. Andy carried in the equipment and helped me to set up and it took us about an hour to do this as we were trying different things to make the show look good as now the venue has no big tables we set up in a way that I have to admit looked really good if you look at the middle picture above this paragraph. We were booked from 8.30 till 11.30pm. The evening as I already said was booked as a Karaoke Evening and we started off the music with a little background music so people could have a chat etc as they were arriving. This event was a mixed evening so obviously I played mixed music as people were chatting.

We started about 8.30 and throughout the evening we had people doing various Karaoke songs as you can see from the pictures. The atmosphere all night long was electrifying. We do have some video footage of this function and to view this you need to click onto our Video Page and it is best to find certain videos by following the instructions on the first line right under the video player.

Well 11.20pm came and we were winding down to finish after calling last orders and I was very pleased on how the evening went for our second time at this new venue. It took us about 40 minutes to pack away and get everything into the van. We eventually got home at 12.30am and were completely shattered again after yet another successful evening with myself and the R.J.Rhythm Entertainments crew. We are hoping to be back there again real soon in between the live music they have at this venue.

Written ByMadhouse Martin