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Mobile Disco's

As you know we can now cover 2 shows per night either Disco Shows or Karaoke Shows With Full Lighting Effects. We also now have a Female D. J. or Karaoke Host as well as Lil John and the Famous MADHOUSE MARTIN. So from now check our Gig Guide and if you only see one show booked you can still call and book another show with us.

Hi and welcome to our Disco's page, here you will find more information about what R.J.Rhythm has to offer in Mobile Entertainment. Firstly our music collection, well we pride ourselves on saying that R.J.Rhythm has every number 1 hit single since the charts were released back in 1956. We are also a member of the Music Factory Entertainment Group, so that tells you straight away that we can provide music for any event whether you are young or mature. Secondly the next thing to a successful evening is the DJ. we have been established for 25+ years, and Martin and his staff are very professional entertainers so when you book R.J.Rhythm Entertainments you can be certain that you are getting a personality DJ. who will help to enhance your function and make the end of your perfect day.

The next thing is the lighting show, well we pride ourselves in having some of the best mobile lighting around. We are able to scale the lighting show for the size of each venue from very small to filling a large stage. We have all kinds of lighting effects and I think the best way of describing them is to look and click on them for a larger view and a more detailed description as the shows we supply are further down this page. Lastly the sound system, well due to the PA side of our company we can offer you the best in sound reproduction and enhanced Digital Sound and again this can be scaled down to the size of the venue we are performing at. Please continue to read to the end of this page and hopefully some of the questions you have will be answered.

As we said earlier your function needs a personality DJ who can work your crowd and hopefully make it a night for you and all your guests to remember. The way to do this is through experience. Madhouse Martin back in 1993 won the title of Party DJ of the year, where there were area heats all over the UK then a final that was held in London. His title for that year could have got him work all over the country but he declined this work as he only went for the title to enhance R.J.Rhythm Entertainments, however he did take up work all over the midlands and made a name for himself which is still well known today and that name is the famous Madhouse Martin. (Top Picture)

(Bottom Picture) Jonathan, stage name Lil Jon has been with the company over 6 years now and we have to say if you have read the main page and Autobiography that without him the business would have gone right down hill over the past 2 years as he has kept this going whilst Madhouse Martin had 2 years in and out of Hospital. He has been fully trained by Madhouse Martin and over the years of working together he has become an excellent host and D.J. as well as doing all the heavy lifting and setting up shows and driving etc. He doesn't ask for anything from the company and the bond and friendship between each other is like watching 2 brothers work together.

Please don't look at the above pictures and think we have no dress code cause that is also one of the main things to make the company as professional as it is. All private functions we are in very smart Shirts, Trousers and Shoes. Weddings and Corporate events is Jacket and Tie and then as you see us in the pictures above public events like Pubs etc. we are just dressed casual. So whatever your function we dress accordingly.

We are also one of the few Entertainment Companies who can literally guarantee you that nothing can go wrong on your package as we carry with us at all times spare equipment in fact our van carries 2 full shows wherever we go even if we have 2 shows booked on one night we have our 3rd show with us when we find we have 2 shows out hence if anything goes wrong with any of our equipment whilst playing at your venue we can quickly change equipment over and sometimes without anyone knowing this, but I can honestly say as all our equipment is maintained and tested we have never had to do this. This is why R.J.Rhythm Entertainments can guarantee you a perfect trouble free night and not many companies can offer this.

R.J.Rhythm also has the experience of working with those very special functions for corporate parties and Black Tie Functions. We have worked for Round Table, Rotary, 41 Club and The Freemasons also many company's like IMI, Lucas, MEM, Pebble Mill (BBC), The Moat House Group, Shakespeare Hotel and Hardy Spicier's to name a few.

Finally if you want your party to go with a bang and your crowd enjoying themselves like the pictures above, then you can't go far wrong by booking R.J.Rhythm Entertainments. Obviously depending on the mood of your crowd on your special night all helps, but you can be assured that DJ Madhouse Martin and Lil John will do their up most to get them up dancing and making it a night for you and your guests to remember.

Please remember you are employing your DJ to entertain you but mostly your crowd and from experience we do not recommend you give us a play list as such, as your crowd may not enjoy the music you are into, but please let us know of any special tracks that may be special to you and we promise that your tracks will be played throughout the evening.

Our Mobile Disco Shows

As you may have gathered we have various size shows for various size venues so please take a look at the pictures below and by clicking on the pictures you can get a lot more information about each show and also be able to view a video of the show and the stunning lighting effects. Please remember depending on the venue and the space we have to set up in that some shows may alter a little as our aim is to get you the best show into the space we have provided but 9 times out of 10 we can get the show in that you have requested.


We do have a smaller show for smaller parties held at smaller venues but as of yet I have no pictures to show you but click Here for a description and more information on this show.

If you wish to view my attempt of our first disco page to see how much our company has improved over the years please click Here

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