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August Bank Holiday At The Cat And Fiddle Bodmin 31/08/2009

This one was another first for R.J.Rhythm as we have never worked at The Cat And Fiddle in Bodmin before and I was looking forward to this one as it was a very old friend of mine who took over the pub and he contacted me to do some Karaoke nights in his pub. It was a Bank Holiday Monday Special Karaoke Evening for my first one at this venue and I was surprised how busy we were as the place was packed.

We set off from our offices at 6.30pm there was Scott, John and Annette with me on this evening. We arrived at the venue about 7pm and unloading was a dream as now we have our driver and roadie John back with us and it only took John and Scott about 45 minutes to set as we decided to put one of our largest Karaoke shows in for this evening.

We were set up for about 8pm and started straight away.The pub was beginning to fill up from about 6pm and as you can see from the pictures they all had a great time throughout the evening. From about 8pm we were hit with the Karaoke requests and when I say hit I meant hit, as we did not have time for a break really as we were doing karaoke one after another for a solid 3 hours. Half way through the Karaoke we had about half hour break whilst we played some music. Everyone one including myself, the punters and my staff had a great evening and this one will no doubt be talked about for quite some time..We have some video footage of this event so please take a look at our Video page of the singers that made this event a night to remember as everyone who sang were excellent also you can see how everyone was having a great time.

We finished around 11.00pm but obviously the crowd were not having any of it lol so we actually eventually got finished at midnight and the boys packed away within 45 minuets. We were all quite tired as from beginning to end it was all go on this night and as per usual everyone had a great night. I will be back there on Saturday 19th September where we will be doing it all over again and to be honest myself and my staff are really looking forward to another night at The Cat And Fiddle In Bodmin

Written ByMadhouse Martin