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Best Mate Mark Johnson's 50th Birthday Bash, Minworth nr. Birmingham 26/10/2012

Well we seem to get everywhere from international D.J. where you can read by clicking here or watch the video by clicking here as we have entertained in The Philippines to national D.J. where we headed up to Birmingham for my best mates 50th Birthday bash, R. J. Rhythm Entertainments will go literally anywhere to work and entertain you as we are a very dedicated team of professionals who do this sort of work for a living and not like your usual D. J.'s out there who have a 9 to 5 job and only D.J. of a weekend for pocket money and this is why we can offer you the best in entertainment.

Anyway Mark Johnson if you have been through my site especially my biography you will recognise the name was the guy who I started the business up with many years ago in Sutton Coldfield, hence I just had to do his 50th Birthday Bash which was held at the Kingsley in Minworth which is near Sutton Coldfield on Friday 26th October 2012. Because I still have my infected injury Mark caught a coach down to me on the Wednesday at a really expensive cost of £5.50 lol to drive my van up to Birmingham on the Thursday along with Annette. We were staying at my other friends Keith Bevan's home on this occasion as he was helping me with this event on the Friday night and you may have seen his name mentioned before in my journals as he has come down to Cornwall to help Little John when I was in Hospital. We set off from Cornwall about 1pm on the Thursday afternoon and arrived in Birmingham round about 6.30 where Mark dropped himself home and I took over as Keith's place was only up the road.

Anyhow the Thursday night we stayed in and I went to bed early as my leg was hurting a bit by now as it had been quite a long day and I wanted everything to be perfect for the Friday night for my best mate. Anyway Friday came upon us and about 6pm myself, Annette and Keith made our way to the venue but on the way we went to pick up my uncle who was also helping me out on this evening as well as driving me back home as he was coming down to stay in Cornwall for a week which was well planned as I did not have to drive anywhere on this weekend which was great.

We got to the venue round about 6.30pm and Les along with Keith unloaded the van for me which I am very grateful as the carry was a bit of a pain to be honest and because it was for my best mate I wanted to put one of my medium to largest shows in for him. The evening was to be a Disco and Karaoke and I must admit it took me a while to set up as I did not have my usual staff with me hence I took my time and guided people to help me set up. It took us just over an hour to set everything up and I must admit the show looked great and come 8pm we were ready to roll after I adjusted all the lighting and did a sound check.

Well from 8pm the guests started to arrive so I just played some background music for about half an hour so the guests could mingle and have a chat amongst themselves as some of them had traveled a distance to be with Mark on his special Birthday.

I reckon we had about 60 guests on this occasion and the whole night was a complete success as all the guests were in a party mood for dancing and Karaoke. We mostly did Karaoke throughout the evening and we had more than enough people who wanted to have a go and the atmosphere was amazing throughout the whole of the evening. We finished the Karaoke off round about 11.30pm the played music for the last half hour of the event. As you can see by the various pictures on this page you can see what an exciting night we had and I enjoyed every minute of it as I was back on my home turf once again D.J.ing, which I have to admit felt a bit funny as one of my very first venues was Minworth Youth Club which was literally 200 yards down the road from where were were and it just felt like home.

We finished at Midnight which was quite sad as the evening had been one to remember then Keith, Les and myself packed away the show the they both loaded up the van for me once the show had been packed away which was a great help. It took us about an hour to pack away and get loaded up then we made our way back to Keith's after and long and successful brilliant evening.

Saturday came and I must admit apart from popping over to see Mark I had a day of rest and in the evening we all went out for a meal then back to Keith's and bed ready for the Journey home on the Sunday. I would not have missed this event for the world and I am really pleased I was able to do this for Mark and no doubt the evening will be remembered for many years.

Written By Madhouse Martin