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Erin's 16th Birthday @ The Acorn Arts Center Penzance 20/03/2010

12 Months ago we did a very large Disco for Erin's 15th Birthday which was held in Rosudgeon and this year the event has grown even bigger as the 16th Birthday Celebration was being held at The Acorns Arts Center down in Penzance. Again this event for The R.J.Rhythm Mini Night Club Show which we have built up over the years and have been promoting now for 12 months as last year a great success. Along with our light show we were also supporting a band on this occasion called
iPony this band was absolutely magnificent and played all their own music and I really enjoyed watching them as there stage performance and music was were excellent.

With me on this event was Andy from St. Austell who is now one of my regular staff. We knew it was going to be one hell of a show and evening so we basically made a long day out of it as we set off from our offices at 2pm. We knew that just before Penzance there was a KFC and as I have said before in my journals where ever we know of KFC's we always go early as we have only 2 KFC's in cornwall so it is a luxury for us lol. Well we hit Penzance at about 3.30pm and obviously into the KFC for our lunch then made our way to The Acorn Center.

We arrived at the center at about 4pm and were met by Steve who does all the sound and stage lighting for the Acorn. Andy unloaded the van for me and we only needed our lighting and mixing desk as we were tapping into the Acorns sound system and we were using our mobile night club rig for the lighting. It took us about 2 hours to set all this up which was not bad timing because as we finished the band iPony turned up to set up all their equipment.

Well everything was in place and all ready to go by 8pm. I started off the evening at 8.30 and from record 1 I had everybody on the dance floor and the atmosphere on this evening was electrifying. 220 teenagers in one auditorium you can guess what sort of night we had. At 9.15 the band came on and as I said at the beginning of this journal they were absolutely magnificent and the crowd were going wild all the way through there set. The band played for about an hour then it was back to me to finish off the evening. This was certainly another night to remember as you can see from the pictures, we also have some video footage of this evening which you can view by clicking Here.

When we had finished Andy and the sound engineer started to pack everything away to get ready to load into the van. After we packed away Andy carried the equipment for me to the van whilst I loaded up. We eventually got back home about 2pm. Well 2nd year for us with Erin and I am wondering can this evening be beaten, well we shall have to find out next time we work for Erin's family

I would like to thank Steve from The Acorns Arts Center for helping out and engineering the sound for me on this occasion and I hope we shall work together in the future. We are back at The Duke of Cornwall next week for one of our Karaoke Parties and we are really looking forward to working back at this venue again as I was in The Philippines on one of the dates they gave me.


Written By Madhouse Martin